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Are you looking for an app that shoots black and white images with the highest quality possible for your Sony Xperia device? Look no further.The Monochrome camera app is a black and white camera application made and optimized for Sony's Xperia devices. It integrates into the device's camera apps list for quick access from any camera mode, and allows for high resolution and high quality snaps in black and white. The app is developed so that it has a clean and minimal interface. As such, settings can be tweaked with swiping gestures.
Whether you like black and white images for street photography, to make images look more simplistic, to reduce visible noise, for forcing yourself to think more critically by limiting the camera or simply 'just because', there are plenty of reasons to try out this app. Expose your eyeballs to this flashing app which focuses on quality, so give it a shot to picture me stopping the development of this panorama of low-resolution puns.
This camera app is developed and constantly maintained by a photographer himself.Features include:
• Three extensive modes: - "Auto": Keeps most settings to their defaults (using image stabilization if supported) for easy snaps - "Sports (fast shutter)": Focus set to infinity, high base ISO, allows for the fastest shots as it doesn't have to wait for autofocus to complete - "Night (slow shutter)": Uses built-in Night Mode and sets the focus to close up / macro, so this is the way to make the best images if you can keep your device steady. Focuses closer than the Auto mode due to close up focus mode.
• Supports high resolutions, like 20.7MP shots in flagship Z Series devices with such camera (or even higher if your device supports it) even in night mode
• Support for touch focus, screen button and hardware button. Exactly how you would expect. It just.. makes sense
• Set the JPEG Quality for those who want to get the most out of the camera
• Manual Exposure Compensation, to make sure your shots aren't over- or underexposed
• Remembers important settings so that you can continue how you left off and focus on the shot (ha.. ha-ha?)
• An overview of current settings by long-pressing the viewfinder
• Tweak flash settings if you want to put your subjects in the spotlight
Why not give it a shot?If you have any questions, remarks or discussions, you can always post them on Reddit: /r/MonochromeCamera

(note that I am not affiliated with Sony, the Xperia™ trademark or anything related to Konami whatsoever and no copyright infringement is intended in any way)